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Every single space has the potential to be beautiful.

Regardless of shape or size, with my expertise, together we can create something special.


Your space is my passion...

Everyone would love an interior space which is uniquely theirs, reflecting individuality and personal style. The design process is like creating a piece of art, one that you would be proud to own, experience and share with others.


Collaboration with you is so important throughout the process. I will work within your budget, within your brief and within your timeframe.


I’m obsessed with colour. Colour is so important to enhance a space, create emotional awareness and harmonise a design scheme. Whether it be a focal point or an accent, colour will make or break a space. No matter what colour we choose together, your space will be timeless and completely enjoyable to inhabit.


Whether you need one room re-designed, or an entire house of help, I am skilled and qualified to give you the best advice and the best results.


Contact me today and let’s have a chat.

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Personalised attention for all your design needs

Since 2012, I’ve been transforming home spaces in a way that’s aligned with your tastes and visions.

Check out my work and give your home the transformation you've been dreaming of today!

"Sprinkle kindness like confetti and make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous."


Contact me

3 Oscar Place


New Zealand 3510

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